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Freedom Celebration Service

Freedom Celebration Service

A two-hour worship service every Sunday with awesome music and an impactful message of hope to build you up spiritually, forming a new, better and brighter you! First Service 8:00am & Second Service 10:00am

Blood flow stopped


Indeed I serve a mighty God! For some months, I noticed some changes in my body. I went to see a doctor and I was told I was experiencing spotting, which is an issue of blood, whereby one experiences incessant flow of blood. He told me if it persisted after some months, I would either undergo a minor operation or manage the situation until I get pregnant. I told the doctor, getting pregnant before marriage wasn’t an option because I am a child of God. In addition I didn’t see any reason for an operation and so I held my faith. I was worried but believed God for a miracle. During the service, Mummy raised a prayer point for undiagnosed disease; however my situation didn’t come to my mind. Shortly after, she got a word of Rhema and took authority over the spirit of bleeding. Immediately I started feeling a sharp pain on my lower abdomen, I placed my hand there and kept on praying. After some time, the pain ceased and I heard a voice say, “It is done.”.From then on, the bleeding and the pain ceased. Glory be to God!

Sis Margaret

Flow Midweek Service

Flow Midweek Service

A mid-week service with powerful breakthrough prayers, atmosphere of high praise and worship, and in-depth bible teaching, held every Wednesday from 5:00pm.


Delivered from constant urination

I thank God for my life and for this church. In fact we serve a wonderful God in this church! I have been passing through the ordeal of constant urination. At night I will wake up so frequently to use the toilet that it affected my sleep. During the day, the same thing occurred—usually embarrassing. All attempts at solving this issue proved abortive. At our FLOW midweek service during the ministration, a word of knowledge came from the pulpit that there was someone that had a urinary tract infection and the person was instantaneously healed. No one knew about this ordeal so I knew it was God speaking. Without hesitation, I claimed it. That night, I slept all through without waking up to use the toilet. From that day, the constant urination ceased and I was completely healed! Praise the Lord!

Sis Helen

Freedom Night Service

Freedom Night Service

An all-night praise and prayer anointing service with special communion, guaranteed to propel you to your next level, which takes place every last Friday of the month, starts by 10:00 pm.


Healed during communion


For some time I have been experiencing severe cough which caused a lot of discomfort. It just refused to go and was becoming a burden to me. During the Freedom Night, precisely during communion time, I told the Lord that as I partook of the meal this cough will disappear. As I drank the communion wine, I knew something miraculous had happened. To the glory of God, that severe cough disappeared and it will never return again. Praise the Lord!

Sis Philomena

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