A special healing and deliverance program for those in need of prayers for health
and wellbeing (physically and spiritually) with one-on-one counseling and prayers,
which starts 8:00 am every Tuesday.


I received a call one Monday telling me that my younger brother was lying lifelessly in the hospital. He was almost at the point of death. He refused blood transfusion because of the religious sect he belongs to. I was in a state of confusion that I wept profusely. So, I came to the Healing Line program, standing in the gap for my brother. I narrated all that happened to Mummy and she asked me where he worshipped. She was a little reluctant because she said his unbelief might be a stony ground to receiving his miracle. However, with compassion she prayed for him. The following day, I received a call telling me he had miraculously received life and started eating after days without food! I sent my wife to the village and she confirmed it. He was able to talk, eat and was dramatically recovering well. Praise the Lord.

Bro. Emmanuel

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It has been so difficult for me all through the years. I have suffered this ailment for God knows how long! I have had an embarrassing problem of water passing through my manhood, which makes me wet all the time. I have tried so many doctors and medications but still nothing changed. As a result of this ailment, I have faced stagnation, no progress, suffering in all I do, to mention a few. A friend invited me to Rivers of Living Water Ministries Healing Line Service. When I came for the service, I told Mummy all that had happened to me. She ministered to me, and asked me to go to the altar to pray and confess to the Lord, which I did.as I returned home that night, while I was sleeping, I saw myself standing and like a flame of fire rolling out of me. Immediately I said, “You are gone and you are coming back no more in Jesus name.” the following morning, on my way to work, I checked to see if I was wet but I wasn’t wet. I waited again for another hour but still I wasn’t wet. This ailment miraculously ceased! To God be all the Glory-I am healed! Long and short of the story was that I have been using pad since 1996 till date and now it’s finally gone. I have come to understand that any sickness that has no cure is definitely a devilish sickness but God is on the throne to deliver! Praise the Lord!

Bro Samuel

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